„I could „taste“ everything.

All emotions raged inside me and I had a tough time handling them.

The spirituality of Siwa, the feeling that Cairo never sleeps, the sense of being home in Aswan, the helplessness of Luxor, modern Portsaid and chilling Alexandria.

The picture I captured  is just one way to catch the atmosphere. You are missing the smell full of mixed flavors, the loudness of everyday city life and traditional celebrations. That hot dry windless air.

Even though I cannot bring you the whole essence of these moments I will do my very best to fulfill those emotions in final cut.

I am here to show you what can be captured.“

„My name is Klaudia and I am video maker and photographer from Slovakia. Video Making and photography is my passion since 2017 and later it became my job. I have been working on many team projects but I also made projects by myself. I was a camera operator for the first czech fantasy series called ,, Dračí prsten” and I also made a behind the scenes movie about this project. I participated as a camera operator in ,,48 hours film project” and I would say those are my two biggest projects that I have been working on. I tried different kinds of video projects from weddings, events, products, short films, even documents of my own travels. I have to say that my most favorite is documentary and film production. I like to capture raw situations, emotions and like to be spontaneous but on the other hand if i work in a team i like that i can focus only on the camera look.“