Slide 2 months class. Next class will be open on autumn 2023 - learn more about Egyptian folklore on this intensive 2 months long classes - every Monday live/recorded Zoom session, presentations, videos, readings and homeworks!

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autumn 2023

2 months online class with Sheyla.

For everyone wanting to learn about Egyptian folklore - dances, music, traditions, theatrical troupes, first researchers, history and actual state of folklore in Egypt. This course is organized as virtual live event when we meet every Monday at 4:00 PM CEST (Zoom recordings available), each session will be 1-1,5hour long. Participants will get ``homeworks`` every week such as music or video analysis, text reading with abstracts, finding sources etc. Not all are mandatory, but believe me you will learn A LOT by doing them all. You also will create your own project. There will be a lot of fun for everyone who REALLY wants to learn things! At the end you will get a feedback from me and tips how to continue with studying or evolving your projects. Mentoring sessions one-on-one during the course will be open as well. All materials, homeworks and communication during the course will be in Google Classroom.</p> <p>Course fee: 139 USD (Online payment, Bank transfer, Paypal)

What sessions will we have?

  • UPPER EGYPT – tahtib, saidi, assaya, nizawi, mermah, el kaf…
  • UPPER EGYPT 2 – ghawazee (also touch of Lower Egypt ghawazee)
  • UPPER EGYPT 3 – Nubian dances (aragid, raqs al arousa…) and Southern dessert
  • Theatrical folklore – National and regional groups o Egypt, their role, history and why they are problematic
  • Egyptian folklore researchers and their work
  • LOWER EGYPT and Suez area – Alexandrian dance, Melaya, Bambouteya, Sohba (Raqs el sikyin), Suez area
  • Bedouin and amazigh music and dances in Egypt and their cross-influence
  • Fellahi and life in countryside vs. desserts vs. cities, social dance and classes
  • Egyptian traditional music – how to learn to recognize it

Theory or practise?

This course is focused on THEORY and research in Egyptian folklore. Monday sessions are with my presentation and discussions of subject. During the week you will get more materials to study YOURSELF and this is important part. I will share few videos of my training – steps of the style, different approach in social dance vs. theatrical. BUT I will not teach you to dance like an Egyptians, for that you have to go to Egypt and experience it yourself from a first hand. Learning steps without having a contact with the culture is not really useful.

Next class will be open on autumn 2023.

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