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film review.

The drumming and rhythm of this documentary is contagious. Every dancer and enthusiast will gain to benefit from watching this film and understanding the traditions of Egyptian dance

This is a must-watch film for all students of Egyptian music and dance whether just beginning or those who have been studying for years. It's both informative and inspiring, you'll learn something new and want to get up and dance!

One of the primary challenges of understanding folkloric arts is lack of context. We are fortunate to have many free clips online in this day and age, but it’s not good enough to just copy moves and costumes. I love that this movie shows what the artists think and feel about their music and dance - in the past, present, and hopes for the future. While only a sampler of an incredibly diverse subject, this documentary is a more intimate view than most other resources, and serves as a better “jumping off point” than anything I could Google. Besides, it’s simply a gorgeously filmed and edited work of art!

Juniper Nichols

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