Funoon Shaabeya can come

to your event!

Do you organize a film/dance/culture festival and you would like to get the Funoon Shaabeya screening on the program? Get in touch with us and we can discuss the options!

Are you interested in learning more about Egyptian folklore? Sign up for a 2 month online class starting February 2022. Lear more here.

Are you a non profit organization, school or researcher? We have plenty of free options for you coming soon. Do not hesitate to contact us.


film screening.

You can get a copy of a film for a one time or repeated screening at your event! Are you a cinema owner and you would like to feature Funoon Shaabeya in your program? Contact us for a license options.


lecture and workshop.

Together with film screening you can have an event with the author of film with Q&A from your audience, lecture or workshop!


learn more.

Do you want to learn more about Egyptian folklore, traditional music and dance of its regions? Take a 2 month online class or one-time workshop.